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Congratulations to 2021 caregiver reward raffle winner Sherry Clifton!

Congratulations to Sherry Clifton as the winner of Shorecare’s 2021 year end CRP program raffle.

Congrats, Fall Rewards Winner – Wanda Mosley!

Wanda has been with Shorecare for over 2 years! She is loved by all of her clients, and has had many of them for her complete tenure with Shorecare! Wanda enjoys the outdoors and camping and is excited to be able to utilize her prize to help create more memories with her family. Congrats Wanda,…
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Congratulations to Wanncita Dieudonne, our first employee referral winner!

Congratulations to Wanncita Dieudonne as the winner of Shorecare’s newest reward program. Wanncita is a certified home health aide who has been a valuable member of the Shorecare team for nearly two years.  The Shorecare Caregiver Reward Program or (CRP), is our new initiative designed to reward Shorecare employees for recruiting qualified and compassionate caregivers…
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